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in the Kit
The Gold Hunter Test Kit

Test water for Gold!

Now itís quite simple and inexpensive to test water for gold content. You can test well water,streams, rivers, discharge from old mines, ponds and other sources for gold content. One or two gallons from the source is usually sufficient. You need only evaporate the water (do not boil) in an oven until the water is gone and a dry residue remains. This concentrate can be scraped out the container and transferred to the small glass dram bottle. Or you can just leave it in the evaporation bottle and just add a small amount of KD-1 until the residue is redissolved. Siphon off a drop of the dissolved solution and place on a piece of tissue paper or paper towel. Add a drop of KD-3. If you Have any purple color, then you have gold in the water! Remember, you are dealing with parts per million (ppm) and if there is any gold in the water, the water can be filtered and the gold can be recovered from the filter fairly easily. If you have any purple color at all, you probably have a payable source of gold. Further filtering and testing would certainly be indicated. For example, a prospector in North Carolina filtered an old well on an old mine site and was recovering approximately 12 ounces of gold per month from the water! You would be surprised at the number of home wells that contain recoverable gold. It's just that these sources have never been tested! Two or three ppm of gold in water can produce several ounces of gold per month when run through a proper filtering system. Mountain springs can also be a good source of gold, especially hot strings. Even homes with wells that have been built in the gold bearing mountain areas can carry significant amounts of gold. Now, for less than a buck, you can see if any water source contains gold. Some of the smaller systems are not that expensive and work quite efficiently.

Peter... here is a note I wrote awhile back to a guy about filtering water for gold. I don't really know what to do... other than be careful not to spend to much trying. hope this helps... Denis

Pulling gold out of water and making it pay has been really difficult if not impossible for a lot of people. We had a friend from South Carolina who was able to collect gold out of a well right by a mine for about 3 years. He had a series of 12 in line activated carbon filters where he would take out the charcoal in the first filter and run it through a leaching process and then extract the gold from the leach. He would then move all the other filters up 1 and put the precessed carbon back in the last filter and start it again. I know he was slowing the water down to where he was only running about 1 to 2 gallons per minute through his system. He was getting about $4000 a month worth and then all of a sudden it started to slime up and he stopped getting any gold. He never did get it going again. The key is running the water through the filters slow enough so it collects the gold. I have tried it in creeks where I had 3 - 5 gallon buckets with screw top lids on them. I set up an intake pipe where I put a floor heating vent on one end of a pipe and then necked it down to a 2 inch pipe where I ran it into the bottom of the buckets where I had put a big bag of activated carbon. I made the bag out of fiberglass window screen. I then had a 2 inch pipe rigged up where it came out the top side of the bucket and went into the bottom side of the next bucket and so on. I left this for a couple months but never got anything...? We did have gold testing from the creek but it was so far away we just gave up on it with people stealing or just tearing up your system.
There is also some resin beads that are supposed to be great for pulling the gold out... they are very expensive though and then the problem is how do you get the gold out of the beads once you have it captured...? I have known guys who have spent $100k trying to figure this out with no real success. I think the real problem is finding water with the right type of gold in it.
Some of the people have tried to ash the carbon to get the gold out but with no success. I have been on a micron gold forum for years where alot of smart people have tried but no one has had any luck. I know it can be done because we had a friend who did it once but he's never found a source where he has been able to do it again. I did have a guy who shared with me that he was getting the gold out of the water using an electrical current... he was striking a welding arc under the water and it was beading up the metal particles some of which were the gold but again nothing that would pay.
Now there are companies out there that profess they can do it but at this point I don't believe any of them. I believe Gold Mine World offers some equipment that they claim will do it but these guys are known for not telling the truth on a lot of things. First off I would test the water and make sure you have gold in the water. I've had several people sent me samples of what they are getting out of their wells and there has been alot of fools gold that looked exciting but none with any real gold. I've had a couple of guys claiming they were getting gold out of salt water but again... show me the gold. One of the parties said the secret was to put zinc bars down into the activated carbon to make it work better...??? I think if you actually found a place that had gold in the water you could figure out how but I think those places are really hard to find.
Good luck... If you get something figured out let me know but I would proceed with caution and don't get suckered in spending a lot of money on something. You may run across a guy named Paul Jones out of Rocky Ledge Mining... if you do run like hell the other way! This guy is a big crook and has suckered 100's of people into believing his bs... me included. He was the one that was charging people $7000 and more for the leach formula that I have on my website... the SSN formula. He just changed the name of his company to something else and then put one of his son's names as the owner of the company but its the same old BS.
Good luck ...
The Gold Hunter Test Kit

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